Day Of The Dead


Once a little known cultural cornerstone of northern Mexico, a day nationalised in dedication to lost family and the spiritual transition into the after world, The Day Of The Dead – in all its deeply rich, colourful vibrancy – has since exploded globally. Celebrated every year, the elaborate displays of face paint and costume have seduced participants from all corners of society, with its romanticism of the dark and the mysterious and the distinct, infamous symbolism its synonymous with.



And there’s no quintessential Day Of The Dead effigy quite like the Sugar Skull. Adopted by the Tattoo community over many decades, the skull – a symbol of death – depicted with beautiful, joyful colour and flowers truly encapsulates the myriad of creative influences and contrasting juxtapositions embraced by the culture of ink. This was where we found the inspiration to first created our own take on the infamous motif – driven by the cultural convergence of the original source, Día de Muertos, and its modern-day journey into an entity all its own.



Our now four strong family of Sugar Skull pendants are an authentic embodiment of that tapestry of rich history and the perfect tribute no Day Of The Dead costume would be complete without for this year’s celebration on 2nd November. The attention to detail and true dedication that goes into each piece respectfully homage to the spiritual roots of the Sugar Skull and the emotional symbolism it still has to this day for many all around the world.

But … for this year, we’re going to go one better. Can you keep a secret? No, really, can you?



For most religious participants of Day Of The Dead, the celebration is infamously a costly affair, with most families spending about two months wages on their alters and offerings. So, to truly honor it, we kinda felt like we needed to up the stakes just a bit. Gary has been working up a storm in the workshop, having a little play around with some solid gold. Yep, the good stuff. We’ve crafted an effing beautiful one-off solid gold sugar skull … and we’re giving one away.

What, wait?

Yeah, we’re gonna give it away.

Head over to our Instagram page for your chance to win, all you have to do is follow @cartergoreeng and tag 3 of your rockstar friends. The lucky winner will be announced Thursday 2nd November… Stayed tuned.



Cross culturally, Day Of The Dead traditionally runs over a three day period. On the 31st October, families would sit in vigil at the cemetery, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the souls of lost children, crossing into the 1st November. The adult souls would follow the next day, where the whole family would finally be reunited.

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