Christmas Bespoke

Ever feel like you’ve kind of fallen into some kind of cyclical Christmas gifting rut? Every year, you buy the same type of crap for your nearest and dearest, top ups or updates of what you got them the year before. A couple of swipes and taps on and wham, bam, pass me the mince pie?

Maybe you’ve even stopped giving gifts entirely and now you just stick some cash in a card and be done with it. Hey, we feel you, zero judgement here – it sure can feel like the most stress-efficient option when death-by-trampling is a very real danger in the Zara payment queue.

But then … there is some kind of magic to getting the present just right … right? To putting heart and thought into the effort of it all, and seeing it all pay off just for the look on their face when they open it. Something just for them, as wholly special and unique as they are.

After all, the three wise men sure as shit didn’t come with an amazon voucher and a selection box did they?

And you know, this year we’ve noticed the buying preferences swing in favour of heart over convenience as we speed closer to Christmas (shit me, where did November go, right?). People are buying independent, buying small but with more sentiment – they’re making, baking, painting – whatever they can to gift a little piece of them, rather than Black Friday’s best deals.

Heart over convenience.

But you know, the two needn’t be mutually exclusive.

You can go bespoke with us no matter your budget, honestly … you’d be surprised – engraved bangles, commissioned pendants – whatever you need, we can draw it, make it and ship it. All in time for Christmas.

Kinda like Father Christmas, except we look hotter in red.

If we’ve jingled your bells and got you feeling curious – feel free to pop us a message. You can email us, or pop us a facebook / insta message and Mr & Mrs Clause (AKA Gary and Cathy) will get back to you ASAP.

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