CG X Steffans – A Pictorial


When you start up a brand, there’s an awful lot of shit to think about. There’s the obvious stuff, like: what in the hell you’re gonna sell? And, for us – as you know – that transcends mere product. It’s craftsmanship.

Art, almost.
Pure, undiluted passion.

In a way, what we were going to sell was the easy bit. The fun bit. A creative journey for Gary to traverse that got us our beautiful jewellery.



Okay – so product … done.

Then comes the mighty quandary of what you’re going to call it? What’s it going to look like? Who’s going to buy it? Where are they going to buy it? How are they going to buy it? Not to mention the day to day stuff, like factories and quantities and raw materials.

And websites. And sales analytics. And algorithms.
Christ, the algorithms.

Put it this way: it’s a journey, and one that constantly surprises us – in all the best ways.

Especially considering the fact that retail, as an industry, is shifting. There’s something near tangible about it, like you can feel the ground reshaping under your feet. Truth is: although you might not have the shitting first clue about what it means, as a new company, you’ve got to be agile enough to role with it. It sure puts a kick in the flavour of things, but we’ve never been afraid of that.



In the spirit of experimentation and diversification, we expanded our range to start tickling the high-end market, see what that was saying. Oh yeah, we went gold and diamonds. Still classic CG Killer, with our best-selling and most favourite lines getting a luxury tarting up and expert stone setting to come out all sparkly.

Beautiful. Of course.
But then came the challenge: how do we sell it? Where do we sell it?



Steffans Jewellers is Northampton based, family run premium jewellers founded by Steffan Suter in 1976. Their dedication to craftsmanship and bespoke service made their store the perfect brand fit for us and our Gold & Diamond line.

Last weekend was the official kick off. We rocked up with goodie bags filled with special jewellery treats and our brand new display and fitted in just beautifully amongst Steffan’s retail space. We had bubbles on tap, balloons in the doorway and, of course, some of the best hand crafted jewellery you could hope to find on these fair shores of Great Britain. (If we do say so ourselves).



Our stock has now taken up residency at Steffans, where you can shop a capsule collection of silver and our brand new range of Gold & Diamonds.

Fancy something made bespoke? Drop us a line.


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