Collaborations – when they’re done right, that is – are the lifeblood of thriving creative industries. Not only do they open your circle (mingling is everything, pal), but it exposes you to both new artists and new artistic influences. And, trust us, you can never have too much of that.

When they’re not done right, though, they feel cloyingly abrasive. Jarring. And obnoxiously transparent in their short sighted commercial endeavours. There’s got to be more to it than money. I mean, money’s great and everything, but you need more soul to really bring a true creative collab to life.

For us, collaboration is an inherent part of our DNA, what our brand was built on, and a vital part of our future and spreading the CarterGore name to damn well anyone and everyone who crosses our path.



But, like we said, we gotta do that right. Rule one of CG Collabs, then? Make sure the brand we’re teaming up with can keep up with us. Yep, it’s gotta have a slightly sharper edge than the customary vanilla, right? A bit of after-spice. Something with fire.

The guys at GHQ in Chester are ringing all those bells for us, and then some, which is why we’ve joined forces for CarterGore’s first pop up event this coming week.

It kicks off on the 31st, with a launch event that sold out pretty damn fast on facebook (ya see, it pays to follow us!), followed by a two-day take over in GHQ’s Charles Street store. You might not have the inevitable hangover post-launch, but you can Meet The Maker – the whole CG gang will be there Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December, with a whole load of killer jewellery.

We’ve even created a special cut-throat piece for the occasion – not too shabby for a Christmas present for your fave fella, eh? Eh? (Since it’ll be December and everything … how in the eff did that happen?)

Head on over to the facebook page for more deets or just stick your head in to say hello Friday or Saturday.

See you there, yeah?

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