CG X GHQ Day Of The Dead

Network, network, network.
It’s the hidden ingredient to every great success in life.

Not so sure?

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know …” – ring a bit truer
Or even …
“It takes a village” – that’s always a good one.

Truth is, in life, but especially in building a brand – it’s no good digging your heels into the dirt of the ground you’ve built and slogging on. Nothing works in silo like that anymore. It takes more than you.

That’s why marketing 101 spanks your arse from the get go and tells you to collaborate. Preferably with like-minded brands. They have like-minded audiences, you see, and collaborating gives you reach and access where you wouldn’t have had before. Finding the right brands to work with creates an amplifier for the name of your brand, which is always a good thing.  

It sounds very clean cut and calculating, but it’s a bit more complex than that. There’s so many moving parts. Sure, the audiences have to align, but the chemistry has to be right, too – the brand narratives needs to weave flawlessly. Anything fake or forced and the butt falls right out of it. Collaborations are great, but not necessarily easy to pull off.

Get it wrong and it’s a ton of wasted resource and a swift brush under the rug – that’s the good thing about the internet, it moves swiftly on. But get it right, and you don’t just hit the magic brand-building sweet spot of mutual benefits and commercial gain … but sometimes, super rarely, you also build a true connection.

A partnership.
A village.
They become your people.
And you become theirs.

We like to think that’s what happened with the guys at GHQ. Around this time last year, we held our first pop up in their Chester store – we co-designed a custom line of barber and tattoo-inspired pendants to premier at the party and had an effing good time all round. It was one of our first collaborations – and maybe it was that that made it so unique – but ever since, the guys of GHQ have become part of the CarterGore village.

And we wouldn’t be without them.

So … when inspiration struck to hold a tequila-dripping Day Of The Dead bash, there was only one place we wanted to hold it. Yeppers – we set up camp in GHQ, G had the tunes popping, Megan was inking the free tatts and the tequila had a healthy flow until the wee hours of the morning. Plus, ya know, we sold some jewellery, which is always a win. For the ladies, the crowns from the Sailor Jerry range were a big hit and the fellas invested in the classic of the evening and were leaning heavy on the sugar skulls.

All in all, it was just a fucking good time.

And as we tick on to a second birthday (look at us, getting all old and established), it’s a solid reminder that people – good people – are worth the time and energy to bring along the journey.

A brand isn’t built on a person, after all. Try as we might. It takes a village.

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