CG Photoshoot – BTS – A Pictorial



This very time last week, on a drizzley grey-ass day in Liverpool, the city was throbbing with its standard Monday shit. Students were shaking off two days worth of hangover, rolling into the last two minutes of their lecture with a hipster coffee the size of their head. The creative hustlers were in their studios, kitchens, workshops – getting the grind of the week started. The restaurants and bars were clinking and clanging in the distant background, recovering from the weekend trade and gearing up for the lunch shift. And us? Well, we were in a penthouse off of Duke Street, with a hella load of killer jewellery and a rag-tag team of utter brilliance.

Yep, we were getting our photoshoot on.
The much-anticipated, carefully crafted second shoot of CarterGore’s history.



Let’s work our way through the roster, shall we? Well, of course we had Ellie – looking sickeningly stunning from just about every angle, dripping in CarterGore and occasionally getting shortbread biscuit all over her dress. Her fella for the day was the walking cheekbones that is Charles, bearded vegan and all round nice guy. He brought his own PB&J sandwiches, wrapped in tinfoil, which just about made everyone’s day. (He goes through about three jars of Peanut Butter a week – #veganprobs)



On the hair and beard care was the lads from GHQ – G and Ryan came repping their collab pieces from our recent pop up and kept everyone looking sharp between scenes. The beautiful Grace was the mastermind behind Ellie’s face for the day, taking her from day to night back to day again in quite literally the blink of an eye. Jessica Gore kept us in threads for the day, working like a well-oiled machine besides her Aunty Cathy as the stylist dream-team to get the CarterGore look just right. And, of course, Gary was there, all round master-mind and sofa-stabiliser extraordinaire (you kinda gotta see the picture for that to make sense).



And last but by no means least, the spearhead of the entire operation, the pure omnipresent talent that is Viktorija SaneSeven – tangibly bringing to life the spirit, fire and strength of our CarterGore girl with her truly unique ability to draw out ‘MORE ATTITUDE’.



The finished shots? Well … they’re ridiculous. The next step. No, the next big fucking stride. And we can’t wait to show you them. You’ll see them starting to scatter about the site, and social media, so make sure you keep your eyes out for ‘em. Otherwise, we’ll be sharing them here this time next week. See you then, yeah?




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