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You know how we had that New Years list of stuff we were absolutely gonna do? And how ‘Retail’ fell pretty much slap bang at the top of that list? Well … we’re hitting it hard. What? January is no time for sleeping. (And if it’s gonna be dry, it might as well be productive, eh?)

We were approached by London based, globally revered brand The Pommier who, much like our pals Wolf & Badger, have a particularly exquisite eye for carefully curating a vibrant, pulsing hub of the cutting edge and new in design. What we got especially excited about with these guys was the purity of their collection – how it focussed entirely on jewellery – and the depth of it. One hit to their website and we had all the feels … 3000 stunning pieces of jewellery from some sickeningly talented designers.

Hmm … we could be right at home here.
Plus, ya know, not gonna lie … we could get used to this head hunted thing.



We hopped a train to the smoke to meet founder and MD, Lewis Phillips in The Pommier’s store on Neal Street, Covent Garden. With a background in internet logistics and online marketing and with a hella passion for the true artistry of jewellery, Lewis has the electric charisma of a true maverick, an energy and vibrancy that’s all at once refreshing and riveting.

He prides himself on his collection, putting the best, boldest and most creative artists from across the globe in one hotspot of a place – right at the fingertips of his avid audience. Known to source his brands via the likes of Pinterest (note to self … MUST pay more attention to the Pinterest account), Lewis is an active acquirer of what’s hot and authentic in the jewellery world, making his boutique THE place to both be stocked and to shop.



Which will be why The Times very recently featured them as their Boutique Of The Week.

And why we were on board pretty much immediately.

So – YAS!
Where are those confetti canons?

We’ve joined The Pommier family and proudly chalked up our second retailer.
World … you know we’re coming for you, right?


Picture 1 & 2 respectfully borrowed from The Times article. All rights are reserved by them.

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