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Fa-la-la-la La-la-la-oh crap!

Just realised it’s mid-December and your Christmas shopping success is kinda in the can? Sure, the year went January, February, November for us too so, mate, we’re with you on this one … and we’ve got you covered.

It may only be 14 sleeps until the big day but we’ve got the type of gifts you need (plus a close personal friendship with the postman) to help you hit it big (and just in time) this year.

We’ve pulled together some of our festive favourite pieces, the kinds with the deep and beautiful symbolism to help you match up the right emblem with your someone special. It’s a carefully curated selection, and we have a shit ton more in the STORE, so make sure you hit up there for a poke around, too.


An amulet traditionally symbolising ‘the hand of god’, this one is said to carry with it protective qualities, bringing the wearer health, happiness and good fortune. And Lawd knows we could use all the help we could get, right?

Perfect for: the spiritual ones, the mindful ones, or a loved one that just needs a turn in the tide to something new and better.

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We did a piece on this one – and we still love it. A Hummingbird beats its wings in a figure of eight motion, symbolising eternity. Want to say ‘forever’ without buying something that looks like it’s come from effing Pandora …? Then this is the one for you.

Perfect for: your ride or die, girl gang soul mate or the love of your life.

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Ultra classic Sailor-Jerry style piece, the swallow has been a traditional sailor symbol for generations. Representing successful voyages to sea, the swallow is also said to protect the sailor’s spirit and carry it off to heaven. Also a homing bird, the swallow is often tattooed to help guide them home.

Perfect for: classic tattoo lovers, travellers away from home or ‘out at sea’, anyone who has a thing for Sailor Jerry. (That’s a lot of us, right?)

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Sure, straight down the line this one can symbolise royalty (ideal for your Queen), but for us it stands for authority and strength. Layer it with a cross and in the tattoo world, that traditionally indicates a victory.

Perfect for: the one in the eye of a battle, your girl who needs all the strength she can get, or the guy that makes you stronger …

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Prefer to make a statement than rely on symbolism? We hear you. We have a range of solid silver bangles and … if you haul ass … a bespoke service to help you say just the right thing. I mean, you’re cutting it fine, but drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

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Still not got a clue? Look, it happens. Plus ya know, some people can be hella fussy. For the very first time, we’ve got gift vouchers for sale, so let us know if the perfect gift looks more like something they can pick themselves.

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Like we said, there’s a whole lot more in the STORE. Chokers, bangles, earrings – we’re stocking. (Get it?).

Well … what are you waiting for? Last post is the 21st December. Go, go, go!

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