Havana Oh, Na Na


As the year canters on alarmingly fucking fast (April … seriously?), summer – and its long, lazy stretches of sun-drenched adventures and bleached blue skies – still seems tauntingly just out of reach. So, you know what that calls for? A little visual wanderlust.

Travel photographer Helene Havard has a healthy history in bringing her adventures to life but it was Cuba, with its Wes Anderson-esque pastels and scatters of symmetry, that put her work on the map.


With the contrast kicked down to perfection, we’re treated to a sun-bleached, dreamy quality that lovingly romanticises Havana and its confectionary-coloured landscapes.

Spanish Colonial architecture is embraced by 1920’s icons in brick and motor, it’s a city trapped in time, with a wholly unique perspective. So epically transporting, Helene’s loving capture of its faded glamour tells a love story of Havana – so much so, that people all over the world have fallen head over heels.


Now featured in galleries from Sydney to Copenhagen, these photos have also whipped up a helluva storm online too. And we’re not surprised. With even just a few minutes spent vicariously touring Cuba through Helene’s exquisite eye … it’s safe to say, Havana has our heart.

Holiday, anyone?

>> All images belong to Helene Havard, visit for more.

Carter Gore