Double Tap That - Planet Prudence


At its inception, Instagram was supposed to be the storm that washed us clean. A peak into the actual reality of other real-life, relatable human beings, it was the source of the anti-fuckery, the antithesis to the glossy pages of editorials, the other-worldly, inaccessible creatures that existed amongst them and the generations of crippling self-esteem issues they’d inspired in your average female.

But beauty standards prevailed. Now, those real life, relatable women were airbrushing and filtering the living shit out of themselves in a bid to emulate what they believe to be model standards. They face-tuned their selfies and narrowed their waists. And other women without those apps looked at these pictures and thought ‘shit … why don’t I look like that?’

The gap between edited and reality, despite the very best of intentions, grew ever wider.


Belgium based independent illustrator Prudence Geerts creates insta-satire for millennial pop culture that is so laugh-out-loud relatable that her grid is sort of a proverbial rabbit hole … except this one you fall down and come up cackling.

Birthed from a fuck-you response to the chasm that exists between our expectations of ourselves and the actual available reality, her comics often depict our everyday life struggles, like the sheer terror of being seen or pictured in a bikini, feeling like a foot with no make-up on and managing the complex physics of a fringe. Shit, we’ve all been there.

Her daily annoyances are brought to life through Planet Prudence and they’re so easy and comfortable to empathise with that since launching her webcomic, the community around it has seen rapid growth. And you get why.


There’s an approachability to her drawings that is warm and welcoming – a total lack of bullshit that is endlessly endearing. Tapping into the collective psyche of your average woman battling insta-anxiety, Prudence – with her blue hair and stubbly legs, is the self-depreciating, internal-battling, charming wit of an entire generation. And we fucking love her.

Fancy a visit to Planet Prudence? You can find her vlogs over on YouTube, buy prints from her online shop and get her book ‘Bad At Adulting, Good At Feminism’ on Amazon.

Carter Gore