Double Tap That | Dr Woo


Tattoo artist Brian Woo, known to his clients and 1.2 million-or-something Instagram followers as Dr Woo, is taking the scene by storm with his micro-detailed, mega intricate designs.

Minimalist, grey scale with an almost DaVinci-like penchant for geometric flavouring, Woo’s work is often created with a single needle to produce the finest lines possible with the greatest of depths. The result is perfect miniatures, that are microcosms – light of touch, delicate … regardless of design. Once you spot one of Woo’s pieces, you’ll identify another from a mile away. There’s something about them that maintains his handwriting from piece to piece.

His first adventures into the tattoo world began at 13, when Mark Mahoney – founder of the Shamrock Social Club in LA and artist to the likes of Johnny Depp and Ri-Ri herself – discovered Brian working in a clothing shop. He clocked his drawings, and offered him the apprenticeship that would take him from Brian to the now near-infamous Dr Woo.

Inking the skin of Drake, Ellie Goulding and Miley Cyrus, Dr Woo’s portfolio of delicate works of intricate detail are turning heads all over the webosphere. Including ours. I mean … damn!

If you want to get to know him better – his Instagram is where you can see his works. Or, this interview by Union is an awesome insight. 

Credit where it's due:

Image Source - Union LA
Image Source - Instagram

Carter Gore