An Ode To The Individual

In a world of mass produced products and generations of trend obsession seemingly sucking the individuality out of just about everything by the effing bucketload, bespoke it making a resurgence. Personalisation is hot as hell right now no matter where you look – from a mug with your name on it to building a trainer to your specifications – everyone’s having a go.

Sure, it could be considered a fairly transparent commercial ploy for the highsteet hierarchy to carefully coax us towards their big buys and trend hedges, all the while making us think they’ve created something just for us. Ya know, some people each that shit up. And each to their own, right?

But for us, especially with jewellery – we’ve always considered ourselves to have a more authentic dedication to creating products that celebrate what it means to be an individual. After all, there’s something about jewellery that is inherent personal, intimate even, and we consider it a special responsibility to craft pieces that live up to the people that buy them.

Hell, CarterGore was built on the very foundations of bespoke. Each piece began life as a commission, a memorial to a particularly poignant moment of time, brought to life in silver or gold to embody the sentiment, the feeling of that moment, for an ungodly eternity. How precious is that? Life, plucked and carefully stowed safely away.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, every piece of our jewellery is a personality pendant, a snapshot of the human being that inspired it.

And when you see yourself reflected in one of our piece – they’re a part of you, too. An emblem. Or, if you like them stacked, a series of characters in the biopic you choose to show to the world.

They’re not manufactured, but crafted – hand to hand, person to person.
What could be more personalised than that?

Maybe one is enough. A spirit animal. A simple statement of something only you know.

Or, maybe it isn’t.
Maybe you’re a layerer.
A collector.

Well, it’s the for the latter that we created the charm bracelet – all the CG favourites just in exquisitely tiny, clippable form.

Because you know, what’s wrong with having more to say for yourself than a fucking mug with your name on it? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

Get your bracelet and your first charm for £55, then start building your melody – a story that’s yours alone. We can’t wait to meet you through them.


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