An Experience – The London Tattoo Convention

Around 400 of the industry’s very best. One sprawling historically poignant venue in East London. And enough fishnet-clad, spark-spitting, fire swallowing stunners to blow your mind more than once.

… We had the 14th year of The London Tattoo Convention in the Tobacco Dock pegged with quiet optimism as our ultimate pitch to date.

And we sure as shit weren’t wrong.

Each day had its own vibe, depending on where you found yourself throughout the event. For us, Friday was definitely all about the ink. The audience were the purists, and they were there to get themselves some shit hot tattoos. There were INSANE traditional techniques everywhere you looked, full-body works that brought to fruition a lifetime’s commitment to their piece. We gawped, we applauded, shit … we got inspired.

Day two was the day the footfall came marching. We really wanted a hella cool picture of our stall popping off, but we were too busy … y’know … selling stuff to actually take it. Whereas sugar skulls and the texas longhorn have always outperformed the other pendants at our previous tattoo-centred events, we noticed a strong shift towards the smaller, more subtly classic Sailor Jerry pieces. The dagger, swallow and anchor all sold out.

We could also feel a lot more weight on our name. People had heard of it online, knew the brand and what they were looking for, and were keen to touch and feel the product they’d had their eye on. It’s a credit to the graft being put in behind the scenes on our social media and also the exposure we can build on by rocking up to events like these.

Sunday … well, that was more mellow, with a few hours at the end of the day fading in pace until the vendors and artists actually had a chance to make their rounds and pick up some things for themselves.

An atmosphere with enough snap to raise the hairs on your arms, talent and technique you couldn’t help but be in awe of and a queue outside the door every day. I mean … what more can you ask for?

Hands down – our favourite to date.

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