Amulet Hunting In Bangkok

When it comes to designing a new collection, making sure we’re drawing our inspiration from authentic sources is a mighty high priority. So high, in fact, that this week Gary flew to Thailand in the search of Buddha amulets – and with its giant markets dedicated entirely to amulets … you can be sure it’s the purest of places to find a muse. (Okay, so there may have been some sunshine and beer, but it was mostly a research trip. Mostly.)

But it wasn’t just any old amulet Gary was looking for, of course. He was after the tiny ones, which are the rarest and hardest to find. This meant getting stuck in to the infamous Amulet markets, which stretch as far as the eyes can see, 150 stores deep and are near barren of westerners –  just about as undiluted and authentic as you can get.



In forty-degree heat and 100% humidity, navigating the culture gap and the mistrust the merchants can have for unfamiliar faces to find what we were looking for was no easy feat. But, turns out, passion is pretty universal. Gary’s obvious love for what he does and willingness to learn about the merchants and what they were selling bridged the language barrier and he came home with a big booty of beautiful Thai inspiration.

Between prepping for the Tattoo Show, you can still find Gary carefully picking through his haul now that he’s home, deciding on his favourites on which he’ll base his first sketches for the next collection. Yep! Exciting!


  • Annette

    I’ve seen a Buddha pendant on instagram are these part of your new collection? When will they be on sale ? I’d love to purchase one . Many thanks

    October 5, 2019 / 10:22 pm

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