Adventure Of A Bibliophile

As the world around us grew increasingly digital, for a brief flutter of time – books, and their place in our lives, seemed under threat. Kindles eliminated the need to store clunky, space consuming tombs from our hugge-conscious living spaces and the epidemic of bite-sized information consumption seemed to question whether we were conditioning ourselves short of the concentration span required to enjoy books altogether.

Print is dead, they said.
Well … bullshit.

Some things were born to endure. The all-consuming engulfing of a well-told narrative is a type of magic no technology could replicate. From whispering stories round campfires to century old best-selling classics, books represent some of the very best of what we’re capable of. That we, as human beings, are creatively able to weave tales so enchanting they can make us laugh and cry and love is something to celebrate.

And celebrate with paper. And binding. And covers.
Eff your kindles.

It was books, and her relationship with them that transformed the life of 23-year-old ‘bookstagrammer’ Elizabeth Sagan. In a creative slump after completing her law degree, Elizabeth turned to books to transport her somewhere else, fuel her in a way that nothing else could. Other worlds, other loves, other characters dug her out of her hole. Gave her a way to express herself. Gave her something to nourish her creatively.

Instagram provided the community to engage with and a place for her passion and love of books to thrive. Her pictures started fairly simple, just a focus of the book she was reading right now, but over time … steadily evolved into the elaborate, intricate recreations of her favourite literary moments.

Cascading waves, shooting stars and a sprawling spread of wings are made of book covers, spines and fanning pages. Where the paper was the blank canvas for the author, for Elizabeth, those pages are her paint. All taken from her very own extensive personal library, stored on dreamy white shelves that are a book-worms Narnia.

Her passion and imagination seep through each image, and the meticulous planning that must go into each and everyone. And it pays off, as over just shy of two years, she’s amassed over 100 thousand followers.

Her secret to success?

“Consistency – which, I believe, is the most beautiful word in the English vocabulary. Everyone has bad days, everyone faces challenges. When you’re looking at things from this point of view, you stop stressing over anything and everything. I consider myself no different from any other person who wants to be there. The difference is in consistency – who stops, who keeps moving forward.”

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