Ah, New Year. It’s kind of our favourite.

There’s a fresh wave of optimism just about everywhere you look, you know? The one time of year above all others that people seem to remember that their lives are a web of choices that they get to make. And they make ‘em. Only, in January, they make them in a bid to be the best possible version of themselves they can be. Nah, it’s not about being a ‘new’ you, just the ‘best’ you.

A new year marks a fresh perspective. A blank canvas. An uninhibited world of possibilities and opportunities. Want to learn a new language this year? Screw it, put it on the list. Gonna pack up your shit and travel the world? Sure, you can do that too. Move house, shake that crappy relationship, drop a dress size, get a job that makes you happy. You can do it, all of it. If you want to. Yep, that’s the power that January has.

For us? Well, 2018 is the year we’re finally comfortable with deciding to give the middle finger to balance.


Wait … what?

Yeah, Balance.
Fuck it.
We don’t have time for that.


‘Balance’ suggests that everything should hold an equal weight in your life. And, by extension, that everything is equally important.

But for us, and for CarterGore, that doesn’t quite fit. See, what we have is passion. Not balance. Ends-of-extreme, all-or-nothing, drive-yourself-crazy passion. Buckets of it. CarterGore is not just our job, but our dream. So it should not sit in equal priority to the big food shop and cutting back on the alcohol (important New Year tip: be realistic).

It should keep us up all night, all the greatest love affairs do. It should also consume our every waking thought and wish and hope. That’s what we’re in this for.

So, here’s to being exhausted but exhilarated. To going all in, and losing bits of our soul for it, but seeing it pay off. To being un-balanced and thriving for it.




But what does it look like? Well, here’s the stuff on our list this year. Watch us tick ‘em off.


Yep, we’re getting to the flashy stuff now. Think diamond eyes on our sugar skulls, glittery flair on the wings of our hummingbird and precious embellishments to make our Lucky Cat like … super lucky. They’re coming!


Since introducing our Gold line for Wolf & Badger as well as special commissions, it’s become a strong string to our bow. It was huge over Christmas, with lots of requests – so we’re going to be following up a previous toe-dip in the gold pool with a couple of the lengths in freestyle stroke. Think white and rose gold … nice.


For our first pop-up, we created some special pieces inspired the lustrous barber heritage and our ultimate fave … the tattoo world. It started off with a barber switch blade and will expand into a capsule with the help of the GHQ lads.


Speaking of GHQ, that pop up was an all round killer experience – and one we’re looking to perpetuate as much as we can. If you’re interested, holla at us.


We’ll be getting the dream team back together for another shoot – hella exciting now that we’ve got a significantly bigger collection.


We’ve always known Retail was where our future was and last year we kicked that off by joining forces with the mighty Wolf & Badger. We’re looking to expand our partnerships and profile this year by getting our pieces into more bricks and mortar stores. Sometimes, you just gotta see them to see how good they are.


It’s where it all started, and we can’t wait to go back. We’ll have a bigger stand, new ranges and more killer jewellery. YAS!

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